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We are looking for authors of non-fiction who want to publish in partnership with us and who are keen to see their works disseminated quickly to a wide readership at a price attractive to individual readers.

This involves authors working with us on the cover design, proof-reading and publicity.

It also involves us sharing equally with authors any profits from the sale of their books.

  • Holcombe aims to publish books within 8 weeks of acceptance of the final version.
  • Holcombe's prices for e-books are on average less than a third of those charged by academic publishers for monographs.
  • Holcombe allows potential buyers to download detailed contents and a sample chapter without payment.
  • Holcombe will ensure that details of the book are available on search engines such as Google.


Holcombe Publishing welcome submissions in MS Word or PDF. Please fill in our contact form for more details about where to send submissions.

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